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Bull Powertrain is a certified service center of Kessler off-highway parts, supplying authentic OEM Kessler axles. Kessler's products, renowned for their superior quality and longevity, are rapidly gaining popularity in the off-highway market on OEM machines.

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As a Kessler Service Center in Canada, Bull Powertrain has backing from technicians trained and certified at Kessler's facilities in Germany. These technicians are proficient and experienced in handling all Kessler axle repair needs. Dealing directly with Kessler + Co in Germany, Bull Powertrain ensures a supply of 100-percent genuine Kessler parts, new and rebuilt Kessler axles, and unparalleled customer service.

Bull Powertrain can service Kessler components from a range of equipment, including mining machinery, cranes, airport support gear, and more. We maintain a stock of genuine Kessler off-highway parts to service your components promptly and get your machinery back to operation as quickly as possible.

Bull Powertrain has experience working on Kessler axles from diverse equipment like scoops, cranes, utility vehicules, and underground trucks. Kessler axles are in equipment brands like Atlas Copco, Caterpillar, EJC, Epiroc, Faun, Getman, Grove, Liebherr, MTI and Sandvik. Whenever you spot a Kessler tag, you can count on our team for repair services or parts.



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