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Superior Gearbox Company has been manufacturing high-quality gear drives for power transmission systems since 1975. Known for its high-quality gearbox parts and upbox components, Bull Powertrain is proud to be a Superior Gearbox distributor. Superior Gearbox offers high-quality gearboxes (upbox) for a variety of off-highway vehicles. And here at Bull Powertrain, we want to help keep your gearboxes up and running. Beyond just being a Superior Gearbox distributor, we're also a company that can handle repairs for you.

Superior Gearbox makes quality gear drives for your mining equipment, and Bull Powertrain is pleased to offer genuine Superior Gearbox components and offer repair and return services. With our extensive selection of Superior Gearbox replacement parts, we can help you keep all your equipment in tip-top shape for years to come.




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