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Bull Powertrain is your go-to source for high-quality and reliable OEM off-highway parts for the mining industry. We’ve established ourselves as experts in providing top-notch solutions for all your mining equipment needs, and we have all those OEM parts online for you so that you can get what you need fast.

At Bull Powertrain, we understand the importance of having robust and durable parts to keep your operations running smoothly. That’s why we only offer quality products that can withstand even the toughest mining conditions. We have everything from transmissions and axles to torque converters and final drives, and we source them all from trusted manufacturers. With Bull Powertrain by your side, we can ensure that you get the right parts for your specific needs.

Bull Powertrain has an extensive inventory of parts for off-highway powertrain parts. Only have the OEM equipment part numbers? Not a problem, Bull Powertrain has an extensive cross-reference system to find the correct manufacturer parts. Don’t have any part numbers at all? Bull has a solution! Bull Powertrain has built a library of parts manuals for equipment in every sector to help identify the correct parts for the proper equipment. Contact our sales team now to get your OEM off-highway powertrain parts.

Bull Powertrain Supplies Parts From The Following Brands


Dana Parts

Off-Highway Dana Axles
Off-Highway Dana Transmissions
Off-Highway Dana Torque Converters
Off-Highway Dana  Brakes Systems
Off-Highway Dana Drivelines

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Kessler Parts

Off-Highway Kessler Axles


Funk Drivetrain Parts

Off-Highway Funk Axles
Off-Highway Funk Transmissions


Spicer Parts

Off-Highway Spicer Axles
Off-Highway Spicer Transmissions
Off-Highway Spicer Torque Converters
Off-Highway Spicer Brakes Systems
Off-Highway Spicer Drivelines


Clark Parts

Off-Highway Clark Axles
Off-Highway Clark Transmissions
Off-Highway Clark Torque Converters
Off-Highway Clark Brakes Systems
Off-Highway Clark Drivelines


New Holland Parts

Off-Highway New Holland Axles
Off-Highway New Holland D64
Off-Highway New Holland D65
Off-Highway New Holland D65i
Off-Highway New Holland D66



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